sound(adj.) sound(n.)

Take a listen…instead of a read.

The history of narrative and how people communicated focused on the oral form until the evolution of writing and then the discovery of print spread text to the general public. Now we are in an age concentrated on imagery, as even text takes second place in many areas of culture. So where has the importance of sound fallen amongst all these other mediums? Sure enough sound is just as abundant and constant, but beside the realm of music, how has our society treated the importance of sound in educational or writing terms? Reading and writing, all i ever feel i am doing in classes these days are reading 50 pages and writing in response to them. I have become so left alone in my mind and my voice when reading. Reading is an important and valuable act, but let us consider, in this multimedia world, how the addition of sound may enhance or simply provide a new perspective in how we learn or experience life in general. Listening to the unique sound of a person’s voice telling a story, hearing the emotion or nuances of their speech lend a more present feeling for the audience. When one adds the natural sounds of the environment in a podcast or other audio recording along with spoken narrative, this contributes to the transportation of the audience to the where the author resides. Overall, sound is a powerful tool in terms of writing and multimedia. If the author hopes to connect with the audience then incorporating sound will bring them at least one step closer. The definition of multimedia includes all mediums, and sound is a medium that can be utilized to convey meaning. It is up to the author in how it will best be incorporated with other mediums.  

One thought on “sound(adj.) sound(n.)

  1. Naomi:
    This is simply wonderful! This is REALLY what I’m looking for here–using the available means (different media) to make your arguments! Since this post is about SOUND, this approach makes sense. I LOVE how you’ve crossed out the text here and narrated it instead. I LOVED reading along while I listened–I noticed wonderful deviations between your voice and the text you wrote. You’ve done an excellent job PERFORMING sound here, and I think that really drives home the points you articulate here.


    P.S. One question: if multimedia is ALWAYS ALL media, does that mean that there has always been “multimedia” in different eras (ie. pre-digital)? Also, is it still “multimedia” if only SOME media are being used?


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